about us

Hankaar means the battle cry of lions, resilient and strong, roaring to the beat of the drums.

Hankaar is a dance company striving to push the boundaries of traditional dance forms. Our mission is to create movement that fuses our Indian roots with universal dance styles in an effort to drive our culture forward for generations to come. We are offering Filmy and Classical Fusion dance workshops for YOU to grow and push your dancing to the next level.

Let’s tap into our inner animals, refine our strengths, and roar with the rhythm — together.



QUALITY: High standards are how we work and we pursue excellence in each step we take.

COMMUNITY: We respect and listen to our audience and community.

IMPACT: We motivate our community through our work ethic and our cultural dance outreach.

KEEP IT REAL: We strive to be a safe zone where people can be themselves and have fun.




Sonia and Divyanka first met at Boston University Jalwa tryouts but that day no words were exchanged. Once the season rolled around you would’ve never imagined them to even get along, but as they say — opposites attract. Slowly but surely, the two were inseparable, whether they were caught choreographing for a video, typing away at their laptops sitting at Starbucks, or obnoxiously playing antakshari on the train.

Their dance career took off via the internet when they posted their first Bharatanatyam-Tutting video. Platforms such as Bollyshake and Brown Girl Magazine recognized this innovative eclectic style and shared it with the world. Today the two have 40K+ views on their dance videos. Sonia and Divyanka have additionally been showcased and interviewed on multiple other platforms, one of which can be found here

The two have now joined forces to share the joy they experience from dancing with their community through dance workshops. Don’t forget to join the fun!